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Motul fuel system clean 

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Whether you ride a full-spec race bike or day to day commuter, Motul is the ideal choice for all your lubricant and maintenance product needs!

Motul Fuel System Clean is the ultimate fuel system cleaner, designed for use in all types of motorcycle engines with either injection or carburettor fuel systems (Safe to use on bikes with or without catalytic converters). During treatment `Motul Fuel System Clean` clears and prevents condensation in the fuel system, gumming in the carburettor, injector nozzle fouling and dirtying of combustion chambers and inlet valves, effectively cleaning and de-clogging the whole fuel system!

  • Recommended Application - Suitable for all Motorcycle engines. Simply pour one can directly in the fuel tank before re-fuelling. The fuel system will then be completely cleaned from the tank to the combustion chamber! DO NOT exceed the recommended proportion. If necessary, proceed with two successive treatments. 
  • Available Size - 200ml